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Question for all you smart peeps:

I want to do more exercising at home and I'm interested in what sorts of equipment people find to be really essential for their home workouts.

I already walk a lot and I want to get back into running. I already have a yoga mat. I have a mish-mosh of a few hand weights. I've thought about rowing machines, but now I have a kayak so maybe not.

Some suggestions I've seen in books and online are:
* a more complete set of small hand weights (two 3 pounds, two 5 pounds, etc)
* an exercise band (in the pics it's a stretchy thing with two handles and some sort of hook in the middle -- you attach it to doors and such and then pull, or stand on it and then pull
* big inflated exercise ball

I don't really want to buy huge gym equipment or spend a ton of money -- instead I'm looking for a few simple items that might enhance the stuff I already have for free (gravity and my own weight). But if there's some amazing piece of equipment that will really help, then I'd be willing to research it further.

So what are your favorites? I know there are people who read me who are super fantastic at exercise and gym stuff -- what would you recommend as being really useful?

Date: 2012-02-27 08:44 pm (UTC)
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Dunno if you have a bicycle that you like but I do. I was gifted a trainer a few years back that converts your regular properly sized to you bicycle into an indoor stationary bike.---Totally invaluable to my fitness this winter.

In home thing you could add to what you already have for fitness would be a chin up bar. We just got one for M to start P90X. You can use it to assist with push ups, do pull ups, attach your resistance band to for back and arm exercises. Make sure to measure your doorway so its not too big or small. No installation required. Upheld by counter pressure.


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