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Emergency rescue phone support for malware removal...check
Webpage construction...check
Devious technologically advanced homework-related plot...check
Avoiding watching My Little Ponies...check

Been a busy evening.
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I'm having a rough couple days. I've just felt disconnected and lonely and brain-lousy. Today i have the worst headache on top.

I want to be in a car driving, any dirdction will do. West is what i think most of, west all the way to the mountains and over, into the desert.

So i'm lonely and headachey and all i want is a car ride out into wide open dirt and sand, where the light is too harsh for my eyes, and i'm surrounded by the too far away horizon.

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Last night the window was open the whole time I slept. This is how I know things are right in the world.

The air smells like water. It's heavy and thick and holds me up.

Yesterday was 78 degrees.

We can do this world. Keep it going.
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Cake: check
Cookies, baked and filled (although not the prettiest ever, still tasty): check

Now I can rest. Tomorrow will be much easier now. Very tired though.

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Tons of produce, washed & chopped & ready: check

Two dinner dishes done from start to finish: check

Dozens of eggs hard-boiled: check

Mustard-brown sugar sauce: check
Lime-cilantro vinaigrette: check
Orange-chili sauce: check

Giant easter basket, filled easter eggs, egg-dyeing supplies: check check check
(including allergy proof candy: check)

A mess of peeps who must die: check
Firewood, burnables: check

Still must do:

Passover chocolate cake

No passover coke this year, just can't find it. Otherwise doing really well.
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I'm inclined to hate dreamwidth a little at this point. It split my friends list in two -- people who write things I can comment on and people who write things that cannot be commented on. It makes the whole experience minced up into little bits. Can I write something here? Nope, can't.
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Why is world exploding all of a sudden? I am very confused now.
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This is an awesome idea: river systems shown as subway maps. Combines together weird things I love: rivers and subway maps. The mississippi is absolutely awesome on this map.
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I'm a gigantic baby when it comes to being cold. I can't think, my brain shuts down. I huddle up in a ball. I get irritated quickly and aggravated. I can't move too much, mostly I just sit in a huddle, under blankets or millions of layers.

This winter has been hard. The cold has been bad here, with lots of snow and ice on top. My house is always freezing. Even with the thermostat turned way way down, we can just barely make the heating bill. I wear layers and layers of clothing everyday and drink gallons of hot tea.

(This is me whining by the way, that's what this is, a whining post so I can get on with my day.)

I'm sick of this winter! I'm sick of layers and layers of clothing restricting me, sweaters and long johns and double-thick socks. I'm sick of not being able to move. I'm sick of tea, sick sick sick of tea, in all its varieties. I'm sick of (no exaggeration) 5 or 6 blankets on my bed with a hot water bottle underneath. I'm sick of windows covered by cloth to keep the heat in, cold out, with no sunshine in the house at all. I'm even getting sick of soup, which is one of my favorite things in the world.

I want heat. I want summer. I want 80 to 90 degrees with humidity and thunder and lighting. I want sarongs and tank tops and flip flops. I want cold food and ice cream and cold drinks and frozen fruit. I want to be able to walk around my house, with natural light, and stop hiding in my room under blankets.

boo. whine. hiss.
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The snow outside is making a disturbing clunk clunk noise. Oh wait, that's not snow, that's ice. Lots of ice. Raining from the sky.

And just this minute we discovered that all our water is gone. Filled the kettle 10 minutes ago, went to wash my hands now, no water.

This is shaping up to be an interesting night. I bet no one will come out to fix our water in this weather. Bet you a dollar.

Top that off with all the sickies in my house, who should prolly be drinking fluids regularly. We pretty much rely on water for that. Boo.

Edit: Ok, not just us, other people in the neighborhood are without water too. So maybe it'll get fixed faster than last time.
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Today seems too the world is holding its breath.

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Yule 3

Dec. 22nd, 2010 05:34 am
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So long night ugh. Very sleepy. Five minute rave did not help. Out door now to beach. Sun come up soon. See you on the other side.

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Yule 2

Dec. 22nd, 2010 02:05 am
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Still awake! Blue star hat pick = fantastic. Latkes were apparently also awesome. Santa blot went really well. I got a slinky and a coke with real sugar. We also made a gingerbread village, made up of miscellaneous hovels, porn shacks, and crack houses. Also really nice salt dough animals. Like really good.

Soon nachos. And more rits. And beach.

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At 4:31pm we kindled the Solstice flame. Longest night begins. Rock on.
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Hooray for Solstice! Bring on the silly!
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There's apparently some people upset because the man cast to play Heimdall in Thor is black.

I know this because Penny Arcadetells and shows me so. They also recorded a video of them discussing the whole thing (which is pretty awesome). And they pointed out this link to the story (which has some bad words and liberal and atheist language).

The whole topic is pretty interesting, from a bunch of angles, movie and pagan in particular, but also social in general. The video covers some pretty interesting ground. They get meta at points, with discussions of how to have the discussion and discussion of what the discussion means.

Anyways, thought I'd point this stuff out. Maybe some more writing on this later.
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It's just not december unless i smell grapefruit and sugar cooking on the stove.

It's prolly not good that my thumb is still numb two hours later from the 30 minutes I spent cutting the pith off the grapefruit peels. My hand is all tingly and weird feeling.

*But still!* Candied grapefruit soon. And tomorrow, more good things!
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* My tattoo itches. Argle.

* Have a new job. Starts monday. Very nervous.

* Organizing lots of Solstice/Yule/Christmas stuff.

Busy busy busy.

Now must go to store for soup ingredients. Tonight is creamy potato soup.
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Today I was listening to an interview about a new movie coming out -- don't even remember what it was, because I was distracted by the fact that the director used to own/run MoviePhone before he sold it.

That got me thinking about how, when I was little, there were two ways to know what movies were playing when: you could read it in the paper or you could call the movie theaters showtime hotline. We did that a lot, because we saw a lot of movies.

Now with all this internet business, where I can see what's playing on my computer or my phone or whatever -- but I see way fewer movies because I have little to no cash.

Its just a weird big change of life, and it struck me in the car, way more strongly than the interview itself.


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