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So. The fire department just visited our apartment complex...not really sure why...

The two firefighters wandered around for a while, went up some stairs to some of the apartments, talked really loud to each other and into radios, and flashed lights around. This wouldn't be at all weird except for the fact that its 1am.

In addition to this there's the added bonus that our water seems to have been turned off. Or at least the water pressure has fallen tremendously. It comes out of all the facets at barely a trickle. Great for brushing your teeth.

And the further thought occurs: since our heat is based on a water heater heating water and then pumping the hot water into our apartment -- will our apartment be getting even colder tonight, with no water to go through the radiator pipes? I'm not entirely sure how heaters work, so this is pure conjecture. Man, I'd really like to have some heat tonight.
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So yeah -- I don't know if western weather is a big news item back east, but maybe this should be. Its very cold out here. Its been in the range of 4 degrees all week. Today it got to a miraculous 20. And its been snowing off and on for days.

Added to this: Xcel (the only real energy provider in the Denver area) is running out of fuel and power. So, in order to continue service for anyone, they've had to institute rolling blackouts for the Denver area. This means no power and no power means no heat. Our power was out for a while this morning and because of it I was really late getting to work.

Our apartment is already really cold. Its been hovering between 58 and 60 degrees in our apartment, because the heating system just can't deal with this weather. Add onto that the hours this morning with no heat at all -- its fucking cold out here.

(The movie Enron immediately jumps to mind when I think of this situation. If you haven't seen that, you really should. Not only is it infuriating, its also a really well done doc.)

Work was cold too. The store was overrun with people buying things on sale and with every new customer was another open door.

Just wow. I think this is the coldest its been since we moved here.


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