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So earlier I showed off the hat that I managed to put together (although the pic didn't show it off very well -- sorry). Before that hat success I had many hat failures, mostly involving this one particular pattern in the Stich & Bitch crochet book. I've tried to work this pattern out at least three times now and every time, nada. This time I counted every single stitch to be certain -- and it still comes out flat as a pancake and not at all hat shaped. Very annoying. I think I need someone to look at the pattern and tell me if I'm crazy (any takers?).

Otherwise, crocheting is fun and lovely. My first hat turned out better than I expected and fits really well. Need to get back to my yarn stash so I can make more. The only problem with hats is that I really have to count the stitches because of the increases and decreases...and I hate counting.
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Crochet Runes

I think I could make some of these in a much simpler manner. Perhaps I will try.


Mar. 18th, 2006 05:49 pm
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So we made bath bombs. Well, hopefully they're bath bombs -- I can't test them till they dry in a few days.

Getting the ingredients together went well. We managed to get the liquid stuff into the dry stuff with minimal fizzing. Things didn't go quite as well with the molding. We found that what I call "3d" molds -- like plastic easter eggs -- didn't work very well. Mostly we ended up filling one side of a mold and then laying it down to dry with a flat side.

These were bergamot and lime flavored bombs, colored light green. I meant to put epsom salt in, but it slipped my mind with everything else. I'll hopefully get some pics up soon.

We're going to make a second batch soon, incorporating all we learned from the first one. These will be purply colored lavender bombs -- possibly complete with dried lavender flowers.


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