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I have to get back to writing my paper -- but first I have to tell you about my crazy dream.

Here's the Gist:

I was the team captain for a competitive tarot team. The particular event the dream was about seemed to be "landscape tarot" where we had a big flat table and we had to construct a miniature landscape and then throw tarot cards on it. A big picture got taken of the landscape so that later the captain could interpret the cards. Points were awarded on the basis of landscape style and the tarot reading.

My landscape team was a huge Italian family -- basically a whole lot of Italian cousins and their grandfather Luigi. They were all dressed in eighties clothing and big hair. The landscape we made was this heavily wooded little town with a train running around it.

For some odd reason this dream reminded me of Food Network desert challenges -- where they have a few hours to create some masterpiece work of art. That's how it seemed to be "filmed" in my dream. But it also seemed like one of those dreams about the loser team who eventually wins big -- me and my Italians came out of nowhere to win the championship.

Wow, that is the wackiest dream in a long time.


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