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Lots of Pics can be found here: wedding of doom.

If you have more & different pics, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd either 1) upload 'em to flickr or 2) email 'em to me.

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In reference to that last post about the flickr group:

I have pictures of me trying on my wedding dress (and kt in her dress too). Should I wait and post these after the wedding or should I post them now?

I'm very torn. I want to post them but I also want to keep the surprise.
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I've set up a flickr group to collect together pics of the wedding (and pre and post wedding).

Here's the link:

Wedding of Doom!

Right now it just has some mysterious pre-wedding stuff. Soon it will have lots of other wonderful things.

I would love it if people who take pics at the wedding would contribute their photos to the group. There are two ways we can do this: 1) You can join flickr (or use your existing account) and just drop your images into the group; or 2) (If you don't want to join flickr, which I can understand) you can email me or pat with your pictures and then we can post them for you (with credit to you of course).

Anyone interested in this? You don't have to decide now...but if you get home and find that you've taken a really pretty photo of something, we'd love to post it for everyone to share.

Thanks all -- now back to craziness!

Pic Spam!

Oct. 18th, 2006 08:40 am
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oct06 117, originally uploaded by ladiestardust.

Stress Relief!

This is a sign that kt and I saw over at Suydam Farms when we went to pick up decorations. (It's actually across the street from the Cousins Wawa on 27).

kt took this shot while I drove. Team Effort!

I love the sentiment of the banner though.


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