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There's lots of water in the Northeast right now, lots and lots of water. The Raritan is high and the Millstone and Delaware are flooding. Pat and I pent this morning helping C in New Hope empty the first floor and basement of her store -- very tired now, but glad we could be helpful. When we left the water was really high and coming into the backyard and they'd closed the free bridge from Lambertville. Hopefully everything will be ok out there.

Driving back we went along the Millstone. When we left this morning it high, but not that bad. On the way back it was definitely flooding. I think the Raritan will probably not flood, at least on our side. Might flood the park across the way (but I guess that's why it's a good thing it's a park).

Blah. Hungry and very tired. M is making dinner for everyone tonight -- very excited that we don't have to cook or figure something out. I like having dinner with the sisters, it's totally awesome.

I took some pics of the river; hopefully I'll get them up some time soon. It's so strange to see the water that high and moving so fast. There were very large trees getting dragged along down to Philly.


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