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Yay! Halloween! Yay!

My original idea for a costume didn't work out -- wrong material, wrong amount of the wrong material, and not enough time to make the wrong material right.

Instead, Pat and I are being Halloween Faeries. We've dressed up in...interesting clothes (Pat moreso than me) and we're wandering around campus forcing people to eat candy. So much candy. Hopefully, I'll have some pics later.

What else?

I wish I was home right now -- mainly because its the time of year when I miss people the most. Add to that the fact that a lot of the people I know are going through a rough time right now -- wish I could be there for them in more than just text/phone form.

It may not snow today -- something very odd for Boulder apparently. Its actually pretty nice out. Have a few more hours of class tonight. Hope I can get through them without falling asleep. I've had a lot of candy, so that should help. Today we're critiquing each other's interview guides in class. I hope mine makes sense -- I hate having my work critiqued when I'm not really sure what I was supposed to have done. Also, I know I said I'd get those questions up -- I'm definitely working on it. My interview guide ended up being about 10 pages with all introductions I had to do. I'm thinking it would probably be better to host the word file somewhere and then let people download it -- I don't think lj allows such long posts.

But anyway -- yay! its halloween!
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So our friend Rick just bought a house. Part of the house-selling/buying-agreement was that the previous owner would clean the house before she left. She decided that "cleaning" meant leaving the house completely and utterly filthy.

Enter Pat and I. We are being paid to help Rick clean and renovate the house into the shape that he and his wife want. Money is good, yay.

The house is very interesting to me. It looks like something out of a horror movie -- one of those ones where the people move into a new house that's been empty forever and eventuallly discover its terrible secret. In various rooms there are crayoned messages that state "Help Me!" "Nothing Spot" and "Closet of Doom." There is really strange and yucky goop on the walls. A space in the basement (including a window) has been covered over with a wall -- but you can tell that there's space back there. Likewise, upstairs there's a wall in the master bedroom where you can tell there used to be a door to the outside world. Finally, the downstairs bathroom is painted (badly) a blood red color and is filled with insects.

Overall, this screams horror movie to me. I hope to take some pics tomorrow, although we've already scrubbed off a lot of the "help me's" and the "nothing spot."

In honor (or horror, take your pick) of our gainful employment, I've decided that the theme for this year's Halloween-in-July movie day is haunted houses. Any suggestions for movies? Kt, I'm looking at you in particular...


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