Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm
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Zombies! They're coming to get you! Be prepared for the zompacalypse! Watch hours and hours and hours of zombie movies to celebrate Halloween in July!

Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
Cemetary Man
Zombi 2 (Zombie)
28 Days Later
Shaun of the Dead
Resident Evil
My Boyfriend's Back (maybe)

(probably not in that order)

Junk food and tasty treats!

Maybe even zombie prizes!

You know you want to!

Open house all day, 10am to 1am, july 4th. Email applesticker at gmail dot com if you need directions or more info.

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So here's the entry for yesterday.

Haunted Houses is the theme that we picked out for this year -- so over time I'll be posting about those.

But first -- where would Haunted Houses be without ghost hunters and paranormal investigators?

Here's a link to South Jersey Ghost Research, which is apparently the Delaware Valley's oldest ghost research group. They have a pretty extensive website with lots of info on what they do and how they do it. Also lists a lot of their cases.

Then there's Haunted New Jersey another paranormal investigation group. Website is not quite as good, as they don't really have a list of all the places that they've...um...worked on. But still neat.
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So this is my plan for Halloween in July this year. I'm going to try to post something every day that is weird or halloweeny or fun (or some combination of these things). In addition, Pat and I are going to go on wacky adventures, which I will report about here. A prime example of said wacky adventure includes our plans for next monday night.

See there's this guy named Bruce Campbell. He's been in a bunch of what you might call "B" horror movies. He recently put together his own movie (wrote it, directed it, starred in it). Now he's screening that movie at the Mayan Theater in Denver. Afterwards, he's going to do a Q&A. I think this might count for my crazy holiday of fun.

Anyways, I missed two days of posting. I could backdate them so that they're on the appropriate days...or I could just haphazardly post them right now. I'm going with the later.
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adam zombie, originally uploaded by Pumpkin Patch.

Here's my Halloween in July offering for today: Zombies!

So here's the story: a bunch of kids in Montreal spend their Sundays larping up on Mt. Royale. Basically, this means they dress up in costume, role-play, and hit each other with duct tape weapons.

This Sunday was a little different for them. A group of self-described "hipsters" decided to dress up like Zombies and attack the game. Sweet.

Here's a link to a page which talks about the event. This link goes to a large flickr set of photos.


Edit: Here's the board where they planned their attack.


Jun. 29th, 2005 03:43 pm
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My sister kt posted about 8 godbillion times today. All fascinating stuff, mind you, but still wow.

We're narrowing down the list of movies for the fourth. For those who don't know about my insane craziness -- I celebrate this little thing called Halloween in July every year. Its an almost-month-long holiday that starts with a horror movie marathon on the fourth. We sit in our darkened house, watching silly cheesy movies and eating junk food. Its the anti-fourth of july.

Anyways, this year's theme is haunted houses. We've decided to watch the new Amityville horror (to compare it to the old one), either the first Poltergeist (an absolute classic horror film and one of my favs) or perhaps its crappy sequel, and possibly one of the House movies (both of which I remember being really funny for some odd reason...or maybe just the sequel). Still pondering what else to go for. I'd like to see something that I've never seen before...but I'm not really sure on that yet.

Thanks to kt for providing such a lovely list of haunted house horror. Soon I will have the final list complete.
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So our friend Rick just bought a house. Part of the house-selling/buying-agreement was that the previous owner would clean the house before she left. She decided that "cleaning" meant leaving the house completely and utterly filthy.

Enter Pat and I. We are being paid to help Rick clean and renovate the house into the shape that he and his wife want. Money is good, yay.

The house is very interesting to me. It looks like something out of a horror movie -- one of those ones where the people move into a new house that's been empty forever and eventuallly discover its terrible secret. In various rooms there are crayoned messages that state "Help Me!" "Nothing Spot" and "Closet of Doom." There is really strange and yucky goop on the walls. A space in the basement (including a window) has been covered over with a wall -- but you can tell that there's space back there. Likewise, upstairs there's a wall in the master bedroom where you can tell there used to be a door to the outside world. Finally, the downstairs bathroom is painted (badly) a blood red color and is filled with insects.

Overall, this screams horror movie to me. I hope to take some pics tomorrow, although we've already scrubbed off a lot of the "help me's" and the "nothing spot."

In honor (or horror, take your pick) of our gainful employment, I've decided that the theme for this year's Halloween-in-July movie day is haunted houses. Any suggestions for movies? Kt, I'm looking at you in particular...


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