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Cake: check
Cookies, baked and filled (although not the prettiest ever, still tasty): check

Now I can rest. Tomorrow will be much easier now. Very tired though.

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Tons of produce, washed & chopped & ready: check

Two dinner dishes done from start to finish: check

Dozens of eggs hard-boiled: check

Mustard-brown sugar sauce: check
Lime-cilantro vinaigrette: check
Orange-chili sauce: check

Giant easter basket, filled easter eggs, egg-dyeing supplies: check check check
(including allergy proof candy: check)

A mess of peeps who must die: check
Firewood, burnables: check

Still must do:

Passover chocolate cake

No passover coke this year, just can't find it. Otherwise doing really well.


Mar. 14th, 2007 10:14 am
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Hurray, Hurray! It's Pi Day!

I think I will make a pi. We're supposed to go over to Alex's house tonight to watch Shark Attack 3, so I think I'll make a pie to bring with us.

I love science holidays. My favorite is Mole Day (10.21 or 10.28 I can't remember). When I was in high school, I had a teacher who *adored* mole day. She had a mole hat, made guaca-mole, and had us all make different kinds of mole dolls. I made a su-mole (a mole shaped sumo wrestler). She told us that she woke her kids up that morning with "Happy Mole Day!" How can you not love this?


Dec. 23rd, 2006 06:38 am
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We have discovered how to crochet a frisbee. This is awesome.

This is what happens at 6:30am on the almost-longest-night of the year.
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So its 6:30 here. Sun's still down. I note that on the east coast its 8:30 and the sun has already begun to climb back into the sky. Got a good bit of stuff done tonight -- laundry, house cleaning, present exchanging, collectable card gaming. We played the Age of Empires card game for most of the night -- that game takes an insane amount of time to play. Ever tried Axis & Allies? Its similar to that -- and it has similarly complicated rules. The thing that's better about A&A is that they at least give you all the pieces you need to play. Age of Empires required us to pull out mountains of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Yeah, I'm rambling. Very tired. Very, very tired. Have pics to post -- of unwrapping and cookie baking. Ha, I almost forgot, we made three kinds of cookies and then packaged them up for assorted family and friends. Turned out really nice for the most part.

Wow, I wish it was 8am. Every year doing the Yule overnight is a very hard thing for me -- I just really need regular large doses of sleep. But at the same time, the fact that I can do it makes me kinda proud. Once a year I survive the longest night.


Dec. 21st, 2005 09:48 am
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So tonight's the Big Night. Its one of the few nights of the year that I'm willing (if not able) to stay up for the whole thing. Watch the sun go down, watch the sun come up. I really love all the different holidays, but the solstices I think are particularly wonderful. There's this amazing physical change in the world -- longest night, longest day, extremes of cold, extremes of heat.

So. The plot for tonight.

* Bake cookies.
* Open presents.
* Rituals (I like having a beginning, middle, and end, however small they may be)
* Laundry (nothing like running through the cold to the laundry room to wake you up)
* Probably livejournal updates too

Still need to go to the store and get the candle (one of those long lasting ones -- we unfortunately don't have a fireplace anymore), snacks, cookie-makings, and plane food (since we're getting on the plane tomorrow, and if I don't have snacks I freak out even more).

I really wanted to stay up late last night and then sleep in today. Doesn't seem to be working. I woke up at nine, and even though I'm really tired from being up, I can't sleep. Ah, well.


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