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Hooray for Solstice! Bring on the silly!
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Operation: Making Christmas Update

Things seem to be going well. Today we acquired many of the ingredients necessary. Made some stuff happen.

Also had a few set backs. Back to the craft store tomorrow.

And Keith's pony: still in the plot-- planning stages.
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(-- Nightmare before Christmas)

This year I'm going to make (or re-make) all of the holiday gifts that I give. I want to do this for a bunch of reasons a) we/I have no money for store-bought stuff, b) I want to avoid all the crazy store consumerism that goes on at this time of year, and c) I want to see what Pat and I can accomplish.

I hope everyone is alright with that (I think people will be). We have some really neat things planned and I've already started on a bunch of them.
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Well, it's May 1st and none of those damn little eggs seem to have hatched yet.

I've been avoiding typing any entries because a) my schoolwork and b) my update page seems to be buggy. Every 30 seconds or so, the textbox gets slightly bigger on the right side until it's gone off the page. It's really strange and annoying. I know it isn't just my computer, because the mac's at school have the problem as well -- maybe it's some new thing with firefox? Any ideas? All I know is it is annoying as hell and makes me actively avoid posting.

All I have left to do for this semester is write two fifteen page papers for friday. They are not coming along so well. So far, I've written about a page-and-a-half on one, nothing on the other. Need more motivation.

My wipe board calendar that I set up for the days remaining until we move has many x's -- but not yet enough. I have a strong desire for it to be friday afternoon. School would be over and all that would be left would be visiting with my family and then packing and packing and packing.

See, now my text window is well off my screen, so when I type a sentence it keeps going and going and going.

And Happy Beltane everyone! I'm happy that it didn't snow here like last year (I think we got a foot or two). Instead, just a bit of rain last night and sunshine this morning. I hope everyone had a lovely time at FSA Beltane and their various parties, rituals, and faires. Yay, Beltane. My mind links strange things together. Whenever I think of the Beltane time of year, I also think of Cooper Dining Hall's monopoly night, where they have henna tattooing, tarot readers, cotton candy, candy apples, hair braiding, and an assortment of better food. It also seemed related to GoG's May Faire, which is about good food and games and having fun more than anything else, I think.


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