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In grad school i had a measurement of frustration: the cave/goat level. This reflected how much i wanted to give up and go live in a cave with just a goat for my companion.

Today, i've reached a cave/goat level not seen since grad school.

Another car bit the dust today. That's someone else's story to tell. My car needs a headlight and some oxygen thingee that makes the check engine light come on. Many dollars are needed for this but not particularly available. But its drivable for the moment; this is different than the state of your other car.

I'm incredibly out of sorts right now.

Everytime we pull ourselves out of a horrible sinkhole just a little bit something else explodes. We're not living hand to mouth, we're living emergency to emergency.

Blegh. I'm sure it will all work out and i'm sure i'll feel silly about this post in the morning.

But right now it sucks royally.

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As i drove to work today, i passed a fox deadby the side of the road.

After that came a rake, tines turned up, waiting for a victim car to stumble past.

The car next to mine, in the parking deck at bridgewater mall, has a coathanger instead of an antenna. The coathanger is just folded in half and the hook is flattened out and inserted into the car.

I'm half an hour early for work. I can never be certain how long it will take me to get here; could be traffic, could be cops blocking the road. And there were both of those today, plus a stop for gas. But still i'm here, in the lot, early early.

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Exhaustion makes me punchy and manic. I get excited easily, am amused way too easily, and talk very fast.

This makes work difficult at times. Particularly when i need to explain complex issues slooooowly.

I'm trying to avoid caff, cause it will only make the mania worse. Same time, though, i need to keep from crashing while still at work.

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Hot shower and some strange amusement later, i reach the conclusion that today will be better.

Cause it will be. Or else stabbity.

I think i might be punchy all day.

Poor sleep

Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:05 am
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I slept only in snatches. The cold kept waking me up. What sleep i did get was riddled with bad dreams. Stacks of macbooks that needed diagnosing, seemingly without end.

Now i feel beaten with a stick. Muscles tight from curling up in a ball from the cold.

Have one more day of work before a wonderful two days off. When i got back from the trip i had a quick two days off and then ten in a row, capped off by today, opening after a close.

Yes i'm complainy. I'm cold and out of sorts.

Pat says:

Aug. 22nd, 2009 06:21 pm
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"patina of wicky-wick goodness"

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See District 9 if you love awesome.

See The Hurt Locker if you love awesome.

See GI Joe

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I give up on sleeping. There is loud utility work outside the house. There are two cats who insist on fighting over my ability to pet them.

Can't put my contacts in yet, hasn't been enough hours. Don't have any glasses right now. My vision is really bad so i'm typing this with my phone about two inches from my nose. My typing finger keeps hitting my face with every letter. It's pretty amusing.

I officially called out because i will be a wreck tonight. I think its better to stay awake now -- hopefully i'll be able to sleep at a normal time tonight to be ok for tomorrow. So i'm awake, but blind and covered in cats. And the radio just died. Damn.


Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm
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Zombies! They're coming to get you! Be prepared for the zompacalypse! Watch hours and hours and hours of zombie movies to celebrate Halloween in July!

Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
Cemetary Man
Zombi 2 (Zombie)
28 Days Later
Shaun of the Dead
Resident Evil
My Boyfriend's Back (maybe)

(probably not in that order)

Junk food and tasty treats!

Maybe even zombie prizes!

You know you want to!

Open house all day, 10am to 1am, july 4th. Email applesticker at gmail dot com if you need directions or more info.

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About half the full-time people at my job are out sick with a flu, plus some number of the part-timers. Someone fainted in the breakroom and had to go the hospital. Many others went home early or never came in.

So far, I'm feeling fine -- although now I'm starting to become paranoid about my lightheaded/headachey feeling. That feeling is really probably due to being in the area while my sister got an IV put in. Even thinking about needles/IV makes me lightheaded, nauseous, and headachey.

Being in the hospital as the "designated driver" for my sister also has my paranoia going full throttle. I'm waiting to pickup something on top of whatever might already be lurking.

But! So far, no sick

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* Wind on my buzzed head is really neat feeling. Tingly.

* There are many people in the park near my house with boats and jet skis and such. I had no idea so many people went out on the Raritan. Note to self: steal/borrow kayak

* The river is high and fast moving right now. It smells like the sea.

* I'm glad it's warm today.

#3 Milk

Jan. 29th, 2009 11:40 pm
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A charming movie, which seems a sad way to put it. Gets the end out of the way at the beginning so you can focus on his life rather than his death. Marvelous acting from everyone, particularly Franco and Penn and Brolin (who does a lot with a small amount of screen time; i'm starting to really love him as an actor.) Loved the grittiness of the film quality. Only disappointment was the lack of the dead kennedys playing "i fought the law."


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:53 am
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