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I have mixed thoughts on writing a long entry about the actual moving part of the move (that part that featured cross-country travel). It's long and strange and probably most interesting to those who were there. I've decided I'm going to write my thoughts without complete explanations to back them up, so that things are recorded but not to the point of overkill.

Day One: Wichita
Woke up and threw the last of our things in the car. Short rit for Asphaltia, to speed our way across the country and keep breakdowns from happening. Soon we were going and gone -- good bye Boulder. We drove through western Kansas and then the kids (Pat and me and Tessa) headed down to Wichita to see some of their relatives. Nicest hotel on the trip, with a particularly awesome bathroom. Not much to say about this day. I drove a lot and Pat drove a good bit. Less than halfway across Kansas we traded the cat from our car to the Uhaul because it was way too hot. We started in CO where it was in the 80s and very dry and headed to Kansas where it was in the 90s and very humid. Our car has no AC. So Kage was not a happy cat, being too hot on top of really nervous and scared (from the noises and vibrations.

Day Two: The Cat
Drove from Wichita up to Kansas City and into Missouri. Arrived at Pat's cousins (?) house to meet up with Pat's mom, who'd gone on the day before with the Uhaul while we headed to Wichita. As soon as we get out of the car we find out that Kage has escaped the back porch where he was staying. At that point he could have been anywhere, because the neighborhood was huge and there were practically no fences in any backyard. I completely broke down, because my cat means the world to me. If you've seen me with him, you know this. So I was a complete mess. Pat and his mom tried to keep it together to run around and find him. It was awful. We had people going door to door trying to find him and stopping cars on the road. Finally, I was standing with Pat on the porch talking about what we were going to do. Suddenly, I heard something -- a meow. I ran outside to see if I could see or hear him. Nothing. I go back into the porch and I can hear it again. Now Pat and I are straining to hear him and Pat's holding the windchimes to make things less noisy. I hear him again, and go out in the backyard to look in the bushes. Then Pat starts yelling "I found him!" The cat had gotten himself inside the couch on the porch and had gone to sleep while we all exploded with worry. Never even left the porch. We took him into the house and Pat and I just sat there and cried and cried. We were so relieved. That night I ate a tiny lasagna. I should start by saying that everyone else was eating a big meat lasagna and I had a tiny dish of veggie lasagna all to myself. We also ate pound cake with Jello poured over it and drank wine and mead and were generally relieved.

Day Three: The Giant Cross
Got a late start the next day. Drove to Columbia Missouri and stopped to see a few more relatives. Then we were back on the road for hours and hours. Probably the most impressive thing we saw was the giant cross: an enormous cross (covered in what appeared to be aluminum siding) put up by the side of the road. It appeared from nowhere as we went around a bend. This was near the border of Illinois and Indiana. We continued on past the cross, into Indiana. Our original intention was to make it all the way to Columbus Ohio that night -- but we were all so tired that there was no way we could make it there. After a dinner at a tension-filled Burger King (there was a shortage of employees apparently) we managed to make it all the way to the border of Indiana and Ohio. We stopped at a crummy Super 8 (most Super 8's seem to be renovated, but this one hadn't quite gotten there yet.

Day Four: Garden State
Early day (5:30am) so that we could try to avoid Memorial day traffic. I drove through Ohio for a while and it was really quite splendid. Rolling hills and mist. The sun hadn't come up yet, but there was light, and it was cool. Really lovely. Then, about halfway through Ohio, my body just gave up and needed to sleep. Pat took over while I tried to stay awake. (See, Pat's a brand new driver, and I'm a nervous person when I'm sitting still in a house, let alone in a car with someone else driving. So I really, really didn't want to go to sleep). Eventually though, I had no choice. I woke up at a rest-stop in an empty car. Apparently, I'd refused to get out of the car, insisting that I had to sleep. The rest of the day was much better. I rode in the Uhaul with Tessa and the cat (the Uhaul had AC) through the first half of Penn. I love those mountains out there, it's really gorgeous. For the last leg of the trip, we decided to split up again, with Pat and I in the car zooming along and Tessa and Pat's mom in the Uhaul. Somehow they still beat us to the finish. Driving through Penn is fun, but at that point all I wanted to do was get out of the car and not drive anymore. It didn't seem like we were making any progress. I did get to see where the PA turnpike goes though -- now I have a good idea of how to get to the only Sonic near the east coast, Lancaster, and the Penn Renn Faire. Brillant. We followed the turnpike all the way to the end of the line and crossed the Bristol bridge to exit 6 of the NJ turnpike. Funny thing was, both my car and the Uhaul collected the same ticket upon entering the pike (with a total charge of $19.75). At the final exit the Uhaul was charged $25 while we were only charged $16.25. Random numbers apparently. Anyway, we got ourselves across the bridge and down to Pat's mom's house in So Jersey without any problems at all. And the whole way we listened to (of course) the Garden State soundtrack. There were a number of times when I started to cry I was so happy.

Award Show Time

Best Hotel: Wichita Holiday Inn Express
Worst Hotel: Super 8 near the Indiana Border

Kansas: Hot and Windy
Missouri: Sorta Boring
Illinois: Nice Cross
Indiana: Road That Looked Like 287 North, Best Skyline (Indianapolis)
Ohio: Misty Elegant Driving
Penn: The Kind of Mountains I Can Relate To
NJ: Garden Garden State

Best Mixed CD for Cruising Through Kansas: Amber
Best Mixed CD for Mornings in Ohio: PJ
Best Mixed CD for the Penn Mountains: Cody

Best Pics of the Whole Damn Thing: Here!

Part Three: Moving In
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We are Wichita Kansas. I am tired. The lovely hotel has free wireless internet.

In the morning, I plan on giving a much better description of how things have gone so far and maybe upload some more pics.

Suffice it to say, we're all safe and keeping cool (its really, really, really hot in Kansas).

And thanks to everyone who've left wonderful and encouraging comments here -- its so helpful to hear from you all.
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I'm sitting in a (nearly) empty house, with pat and tessa and the cat (and pat's mom, who is sleeping). We're moving vaguely in the direction of a packed car and an even emptier house.

Today. Wow, today. I don't move much. Or at least, I haven't moved much. Certainly not across the country much. So this whole process of life destruction is really wacky. Destruction because we're cutting all those daily links that connect you to a place, like grocery stores and bills and addresses. So yeah, its wacky for me.

We started off by finishing up the packing and beginning the cleaning. The absolutely darling Tessa made the bathroom and kitchen sparkle, for which I will be eternally grateful. And Pat's mom washed the walls, which was amazingly helpful. So we packed. Eventually, I looked out the window and noticed that there was a space right in front, where our mighty U-Haul could go. So Pat's mom went to go move it up the street from its previous location.

This was when we found that the front passenger window had been smashed in. This was also about two hours before all of our moving help was due to show up and pack the truck with a giant hole in the side.

After Pat spent many hours on the phone with various people in connection with said hole, we were finally told we could bring it to a glass place to have the window replaced. While we waited for the truck to be fixed (all told about an hour-and-a-half wait) we played dominoes with our moving buddies -- probably the largest round of dominoes I've played in. 'Twas delightful.

Eventually the truck was gotten and filled. Everything fit well enough. We discovered that the wall next to our bed had been leaking water from the bathroom the whole time we've been living here and that mold from the water had glued the box spring to the wall. Apparently, when they went to move it, the wall actually ripped off with the box. Delightful.

It was really nice to see everyone one last time before we head off into the...sunrise I guess, since we're heading east. Yeah, I'm real tired and real punchy, and yet I just can't sleep yet. Even with a long, long drive ahead of us.

I suppose there's one other unhappy thing that happened today. Sat down at my comp to use up my turns in Kingdom of Loathing and immediately noticed that there was a tiny comet heading for the moons. With the way my luck runs I am certain that the comet will hit and cause new content while we are still driving and without internet, more than likely on monday. Wah!

So yeah. I took a bunch of pics of the move so far, and I'm planning to take more, so eventually you'll all get to see our lovely broken window and our moldy wall. Mabye I'll take a pic of KoL as well.

One Day

May. 25th, 2006 10:04 am
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Today is the final day in Boulder. We have to pack a few things, clean a bunch of things, and (eventually) get everything into the truck.

So after today, internet access will be really erratic.

I'm excited, but really tired.
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Some things I learned in my first ten minutes of being awake:

* There may possibly be an 8th season of Buffy -- only in comic form.

* The scratched glass grafiti you see on the subway is apparently called "scratchiti." And there's another form of graffiti called "etch," where the grafitist fills a bottle with glass etching stuff to spray on glass. (found via Gothamist.

* My good friends Michele and Brian got married quite recently -- congratulations!

Today we're in crunch time, packing-wise. We've run out of boxes and most of the local liquor stores have too (apparently they all get shipments on wednesdays or something). So we have about four boxes left and a bunch of different things to go into the boxes -- including the entire kitchen. I would hate to actually have to buy boxes.
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So Pat and I are trying to figure out how to move back. Its turning out to be a lot more difficult to get out of Boulder than to get into it. That's why I'm sitting awake right now at 1:30am, instead of in bed where I should be. I'm worried about what the next few months holds.

We need a place to live. Ideally, we want to live in New Brunswick, or one of the surrounding towns. Ideally, we'd like to live with others we know. Problem is, everyone seems to already have living arrangements for the next year. Need to figure out if there are people out there who need roommates, and if those people would be ok with a cat -- because the cat is an absolute must.

We need to find a place to live so we can figure out the actual logistics of the move. Can't rent a truck or sign a contract without having an address on the other end. Really need to get a contract for a truck soon. Have to figure out where we'll be living also so that we know how much money we have to put towards the truck, after security dep and first month's rent.

Have to either get our current apartment subletted or stay until the lease is up. Staying has advantages, going has advantages -- most importantly that we want to be home.

Once we get moved back, we won't have any jobs. I'm sure we can pick something up relatively quick, but it'll be for minimum wage and no benefits. What will we do after that? Who knows?

So I can't sleep because of the bleakness. We have to figure out somewhere to go to, how to get there, and how to pay for it all. And I'm not entirely certain what the best way to do that is. I keep starting to get this stuff sorted out, but I get overwhelmed fairly quickly. Its a lot all at once, and I don't have much experience in making it more managable.


I need to sleep. Have work in the morning, early.


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