Dec. 9th, 2005 07:04 am
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I am very close to the end!

I finished my paper for soc last night -- I didn't get as many pages as I wanted, but its still of substantial length. Now I turn that in and wait for my big fat "B" to appear on my transcript. (Not because I really think I deserve a B, but two things are working against me 1) the professor has a decided dislike of me, and 2) the paper is very...unorthodox.

My second paper is about an hour away from being done. Just need to finish up the last section and tack on a conclusion. This paper is also done in an unorthodox style -- very informal, lots of narrative, experimental formating -- but I'm not nearly as worried about that grade. Its amazing how much the professors' opinions matter in a grade -- its all so damn subjective.

I go in to school, turn in one, turn in the other, and then I will go home and lay on the couch for the rest of the day. I'm taking a mental health day, possibly involving a hot bath, some video games, and a meal that is not either spaghetti or crackers.

Its very very cold here. They're calling it an arctic something or other. Hasn't gotten anywhere near freezing in days. I keep experimenting with different combinations of layers to keep warm -- coats, hoodies, small jackets, thermals, and regular clothes. My poor coat is very sad looking though. When I feel down the other day I popped another button off -- this means that my heaviest winter coat has two buttons, one in the middle and one at the top. I've also managed to rip the lining in the pockets so that everything can fall into the coat itself and wander around.

Ok, I should get to work on those last two or three pages. Then, its martini time.
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I think I'm doing pretty good -- schoolwork-wise.

I've written fifteen out of twenty-five pages for my soc paper -- and its all substance. Haven't even touched the intro or conclusion yet, those are the icing parts for tomorrow. (Yeah, I'm weird, but writing intros and conclusions are not that hard for me. I have a lot more trouble getting the content to flow).

Haven't touched the fem paper again yet, but I think I'll be ok. I'm making such great progress on the soc thing that I should have a good amount of time to finish the other one. Of course, it probably needs more attention than I can possibly give it in the next few days, but I think it'll be a passable work.

So the plan:

* Work at work til 10pm.
* Write maybe five or seven more pages on the soc paper -- if I can get it done tonight it would an amazing stress reliever.
* Possibly sleep
* Wake up early, work on whichever paper
* Last German class (I weep)
* Last office hours (I cheer)
* Come home and type furiously on what is hopefully the fem paper and not the soc paper
* Go to work till 10pm
* Come home and type furiously on what had damn well better be the fem paper
* Possibly sleep
* Wake up early, damage control on papers
* Go to school, print, turn in
* Jump up and down like crazy happy thing

I know you all must be tired of hearing me talk about this -- but posting in livejournal is the best motivater in the world!

(I keep typing liverjournal every time instead of livejournal -- is my unconscious trying to tell me something about writing my thoughts on meat? Wow, I'm punchy.)
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Ok one last post and then I'll try and get out of your hair.

School project stuff.
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