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Watch this project runway video.

Notice anyone missing?
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I have this sad addiction to project runway -- i love people who make pretty things.

So far we've seen Daniel's collection. Some of it was really pretty -- I particularly like his pants and some of the dresses. A lot of the tops didn't seem to fit too well. And when his model tripped, Michael Kors might has well have been cackling wildly to himself. This collection seems to be very daytime stuff -- were they given direction on what they were supposed to create? Is everyone's going to be this way?

Ok -- so now I've seen Chloe and Santinos. Honestly (and I never thought I'd say this), I probably liked Santino's best as a collection. Choloe had some really, really nice pieces and some really dumb pieces. Daniel had nice bottoms, but terrible tops. Santino's were pretty consistently good.

Who will probably win? Mmmm...its tough. Daniel is the favorite, but put together shitty work. The judges hate Santino, and even though he did really nice work, they probably won't see through that. So between the two of them, Chloe is maybe the best bet to win, because she has some really nice pieces in amongst her boring ones. I dunno. They'll probably bash all of them and then pick Daniel. That seems to be how the whole seasons gone.

edit: Ok, chloe is totally gonna win. Daniel broke down completely. They hated Santino just like I said. And they were very happy with the good dresses that Chloe did (but didn't really comment on the poor ones).


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