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My schoolwork is coming along pretty well at this point. I've been working on my 25-30 pager for my research class and so far I'm really pleased. I've already got ten pages written and I haven't spent all that much time struggling to get the words out. I think that's because this paper is a very reflexive look at my decision-making process and all the mistakes I made and yada yada. Not hard at all, just a matter of physically typing it out.

The paper for feminist approaches is still difficult and scary, but not as bad as it was on Sunday. I presented my ideas to the class on Monday and my partner V critiqued my work. She thought that it was a really good paper and the parts that were narrative and auto-ethnographic were really the best. That made me very pleased because I really want to write in a more narrative and self-reflective way, but I worry about what the prof will think. At this point, I say bah! to that. Now its just a matter of finishing it up and polishing it.

Both papers are due on friday. After I turn in my paper to Lynn, Pat and I are going out for celebratory mimosas. yum. Then I will come home and begin grading my students' final papers and also study for my German final. After that all I have to do is take the final on Monday, grade my students' final on Monday, and turn in all my grades. And then this semester will be well and truly dead.

(And while I'm thinking about it, Kt -- I checked both of the options now and I can't find that number anywhere. Other ideas for figuring this out? Do you want me to just ask?)

The weather in Boulder is crazy. It went from warm last week to below freezing this week. On Monday we had hurricane force winds (89-98 mph) which tore up a lot of town. Had a metal bar from a lamp post banner go whizzing by my head. Then yesterday it snowed the entire day. Not thick enough to make a huge accumulation, just enough to create a nice layer of ice over everything. And since Coloradans don't believe in plows or salt or taking care of the snow in anyway, I've already fallen down once. Hopefully today wont' be so cold or so slippery.
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Ok one last post and then I'll try and get out of your hair.

School project stuff.
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