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Just got home from a awesome road-trip weekend with Pat and my sisters. Molly wanted to head out to Pittsburgh for her birthday weekend (which is why no Halloween-in-July today -- we're having a makeup version next Saturday, details to follow) and it turned out to be a blast.

Saturday we drove out to southwestern PA. We checked out Ohiopyle State Park and Fallingwater (the Frank Lloyd Wright house). Both were gorgeous in their own way. I could easily see spending a weekend just out there, going kayaking, hiking, and checking out all the little eating places and weird stopoffs. Fallingwater is amazing and everyone should take a look.

Later that day we headed up to Pittsburgh. We stayed in the Oakland part of town -- which is where many of the universities are. Really nice, quiet, walkable.

Pittsburgh is a great town with lots to do, at a slow, relaxing pace. I definitely want to go back out there too, to see some of the things we didn't have time for.

What we did get to see:

* Andy Warhol museum = awesome.
* So many bridges and tunnels and hills and valleys and twisty-crazy roads
* Lots of dinosaurs
* Lots of great food -- German food, pub food, good beers, Pierogies, ice cream -- too much food to eat in one weekend.
* Gorgeous buildings and all kinds of architecture tucked into rolling hills and rivers

So, yeah, good times. All the people who thought we were crazy for going out there were completely wrong.

Also, road trips = love. Short ones, long ones, whatever. I love seeing the countryside roll by. I love being able to just change course and figure out a new route. Awesomeness.

Where to next?
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Rather than just editing and re-editing the last entry, I'm just continuing my thoughts over here.

Incredibly long list.
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Ok, I think I'm done spamming you all with list stuff now.
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I think I'd like to try to visit a lot of the UNESCO world heritage sites (or at least the ones that I can manage/afford).

Lots of travel talk and lists under here.
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Very weird -- some guy just tried to walk into my apartment. He started to open the door, saw me, closed the door and then knocked. I went and opened it, and he mumbled something about being at the wrong apartment or something. Expecting someone else. Door is very locked now.


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