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Last night the window was open the whole time I slept. This is how I know things are right in the world.

The air smells like water. It's heavy and thick and holds me up.

Yesterday was 78 degrees.

We can do this world. Keep it going.
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I know I talk about the weather in Boulder a lot -- but I do it because it's crazy. The past week, it's been in the 80's, very warm, very sunny. Last night it started to rain and I did a little happy dance. I woke up this morning and it was still raining (really just drizzling) and cool.

Now it's cold and snowing.
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An example of how weird the weather is in Boulder.

Remember a week maybe week-and-a-half ago? When I was talking about freezing and wearing everything I owned to stay warm?

Right now its a balmy 68 degrees. When I drove Pat to work I wore a tank top and jeans and no coat. I took my hoodie with me into IHOP when I sat down to lunch -- because they had fans and AC on.

This is very weird but nice. I think it should stay this warm until...say...June when I move away.


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