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Yesterday I got to call Pat my husband at cool is that?
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I am slowly recovering from the Wedding of Doom. It's so strange that it's over now -- after spending so much time in the past few months focused on it.

Still working on things related. House is a disaster area. Schoolwork has piled up. Need to catalog presents and send out those thankyous. Need to email people back in Colorado with pictures and highlights.

But wowsa. We're finally here. After all that, finally here. I can't wait to introduce him to someone, anyone -- this is Pat, my husband. Huzzah.

The best part of the night was when everyone (well, almost everyone) got onto the dance floor to do the time warp. My mom was out there! Dancing to the Time Warp!

The second best has been how many people were excited/happy/interested by our wedding insanity. Many people came up and told us it was the best wedding they'd ever been to. Others complimented the Wedding music (from Nightmare Before Christmas), the DJ, the costumes, etc. It's lovely when people are not only ok with your craziness, but are in fact excited and happy about it.
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Lots of Pics can be found here: wedding of doom.

If you have more & different pics, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd either 1) upload 'em to flickr or 2) email 'em to me.

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In reference to that last post about the flickr group:

I have pictures of me trying on my wedding dress (and kt in her dress too). Should I wait and post these after the wedding or should I post them now?

I'm very torn. I want to post them but I also want to keep the surprise.
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I've set up a flickr group to collect together pics of the wedding (and pre and post wedding).

Here's the link:

Wedding of Doom!

Right now it just has some mysterious pre-wedding stuff. Soon it will have lots of other wonderful things.

I would love it if people who take pics at the wedding would contribute their photos to the group. There are two ways we can do this: 1) You can join flickr (or use your existing account) and just drop your images into the group; or 2) (If you don't want to join flickr, which I can understand) you can email me or pat with your pictures and then we can post them for you (with credit to you of course).

Anyone interested in this? You don't have to decide now...but if you get home and find that you've taken a really pretty photo of something, we'd love to post it for everyone to share.

Thanks all -- now back to craziness!
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Today is Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! Friday the 20th even!

Ok, so now I'm excited. There was a lot of stress and tears and freaking out in the months leading up to this, but now everything seems to be going ok. We're going to make things work and it's going to be fun on top of that. The wedding party is full of wonderful excellent people who have been amazingly helpful (and I'm including the moms and Renee in that, just in case it wasn't clear).


We're finally finally finally getting married! After five damn years of waiting. I love that boy so much.

Ok, I promise I'm done gushing like a crazy thing now. Really really really. I'm totally done.

Now I just need to pretend to pay attention to my prof in class, buy a few more things for tomorrow, arrange a few more things, and drive to my parents' house. There I will paint my nails and try on my dress and fiddle with my hair (ok, kt will fiddle really). Pat will be baking and picking people up and generally going crazy. Today and tomorrow are his busy days. Everyone remember to be extra nice to pat -- hugs and such.

I'm typing super fast. From excitement. Crazy!

(Ok, I will actually more than likely post more crazy happy things. I think this is ok though, because I hardly ever post anymore *and* I'm generally sad when I do. So this is to counteract that. Or something.)

Now I help Pat!
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Good Things:

* Rehersal dinner went really well. The rehersal itself was good; I think we're all at least sort of on the same page. Dinner was lovely: good food, good company, no one freaking out. Excellent.

* All of the last minute stuff that had to get done, was finished on time and in lovely condition.
(Special thanks to kt for stamping all those placecards, Tessa for making all those favors, and Kristen for stuffing stuff into stuff) Were it not for people's amazing 11th hour help, all would be lost.

* The dresses are finished (with a tiny bit of work left for Tessa's) and hanging up at my Mom's house. Tomorrow I get to finally show my mom what we look like in them.

* I'm starting to think that Things Are Going To Be Ok on Friday. I'm much less stressed than I was this morning. And, boy, was I stressed this morning. And this afternoon. And the early part of the evening. But then, everyone was so wonderful, and everything worked out, and there was champagne, and all was well.

Bad Things:

* The guest list is still fluctuating. *Just have to keep breathing and think*

* Class tomorrow *I'm never going to be able to sit still and listen to a drone about searching*

* Mid-term next week and lots of homework due. *And I'm not even going to think about it until after the wedding is over*

The most important things:

* My family is terribly wonderful -- all of them/you (and right now there are lots of you).

* I get to walk down the aisle with Pat.

* I believe there might be some candy at the wedding. And cake. And more candy. And costumes. And candy.
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Lots to do today, wedding-wise. Tonight is the rehersal dinner, down in Atco. Well, rehersal and then dinner.

Leaving for S.Jersey at 3pm.

Before that I must:
Get programs printed
Finish place cards
Buy a few more tiny pumpkins, etc
Stuff stuff into other stuff (shh! surprises)
Pack everything together in a large tub
Get everything into the car

Pat has to:
Drive to talk to Mordecai
Drive to get standing mixer
Drive to pick up favors
Drive back to New Brunswick
Make buttercream & other cakey related stuff

Then we go down to S.Jersey and there we:
Make sure we have everything
Stuff even more stuff into stuff
Probably freak out

And finally (hopefully)
we all end up in Atco

Today is frightening.
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There seems to be some confusion going around about what day the wedding is, what time the wedding is, things like that.

The wedding is this friday, ceremony at 5pm with reception immediately following.

Please, please, please, if you RSVP'd you need to come. For Pat and my sake. Please, please don't call at this point and tell us you can't come, we just can't fill any more surprise seats.

I'm sorry if I sound grumpy or whatever. I just need people to show up and not be flakey about this.

Edit: I made this post just because of the weirdly large number of people who seem confused or unable to attend. It's really not directed at any one person. Sorry if I'm a bit upset.

A Date

Jun. 21st, 2006 10:32 am
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So that marriage thing -- October 20th 2006.


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