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I read Warren Ellis is various forms. Today he posted a pic for his friend's birthday. The picture really isn't all that important, what is important is that in the corner is the address ""

I find this crazy because I know that guy. I went to high school with him. And now I see his blog posts and pics mentioned all over the place, including the blog of Warren Ellis, my comic book hero.

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Apparently there was (and still is, in parts) a nine-day blackout in Queens because of the heat. Why didn't I hear about this earlier?
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Has anyone else looked at the main livejournal page lately? There seems to have been a pirate invasion or something...
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There's a commercial that's been playing out here for a while -- its one of those government public service announcements. This one is to remind you that, as your kids get older, you shouldn't let them sit outside a car or booster seat until they reach 4'9".

What I think is funny about this is that I'm only two inches over that height. Several people I know (including my mom) are under that limit. Are we supposed to be in booster seats?

Edit: Its been pointed out that I'm 5'1" -- and 4'9" is more than two inches away from that. More like four inches. Yeah, but still.
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I just found out that I'm not a dog like I thought I was -- in Chinese Year terms anyway. Apparently, since Chinese New Year didn't happen till January 25th in 1982, I'm stuck in the previous year's animal, metal rooster.

That's kinda weird.
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Its very odd living in a town where they have alarm tests every week. They broadcast a loud siren over the whole town and then follow it up by "This is only a test." Much more used to that sort of thing being on tv. I'm pretty sure its for flood and tornado warnings -- since Boulder has a pretty good record of being flooded and flattened, apparently.

Hearing the siren always makes me think we're being invaded by aliens or something.


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