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More positives:

* I had a really bad week, between work and money, and then some stuff happened with my birthday plans, related to work and money. I had planned to make brunch for my family because I like planning and making more elaborate meals and I didn't really want to go to a restaurant like normal. There was a big rough patch in there, where it all was falling apart, and my family came together to really save the day. Particularly Pat. He was amazing.

* So brunch did happen and the food was awesome and delicious. It was simpler than I had originally planned - instead of elaborate dishes that required ingredients, almost everything came from stuff we already had in the house. And it was tasty, which is really the important point.

* Got to watch some awesome bad movies after brunch. Went to see Legion in theaters. Wow, the crazy. As I posted elsewhere, Angels and guns are as bad as werewolves and vampires with guns. Then we came home and watched Prophecy, which is an awesome movie all around, followed by Constantine, which is a bad, bad movies with some awesome bits.

* I got some awesome presents. My sisters got me a cookie press, which I was actually really wanting over the holidays. So neat. My parents bought me this crazy, but awesome, three pot crock pot. That's literally what it is -- three crock pots, lined up in a rack each with their own temp control. So now I can have a pot of gluten and tofu, pat can have a pot of meat and tofu, and tif can have a pot of meat and gluten. Its a win for everyone.

* I also got a box of hair dye as a present. Hoo-ray my hair is black again. Really, what I need is a haircut, but I'll settle for shiny black locks for the moment.

* Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it was really nice to hear from you all. Some people just came out of the woodwork, I haven't heard from them in so long.


* On an unrelated side-note: Are you having a con, meeting, event, or party in the future? Do you need someone to do promotion work? Pat has been doing amazing work for Wicked Faire promotions and he could be doing it for you too! Send him an email!


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