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I just had the most interesting weird dream ever. Hugh Laurie was the king of england in some unspecified modernish time (maybe starting in the fifties or twenties? hard to say). But he was really crazy in a normal seeming way and kept hurting people, killing people. So I think I was some sort of psychiatrist in charge of when he could go out, address the public, stuff like that.

The whole thing played like a movie. There were funny scenes, dramatic scenes. There was a climax and fall. It followed the king's life from young to old to death. And it was definitely Hugh Laurie playing a very insane, vaguely evil sort of guy. Named King George.

I woke up convinced that it must have been a movie I'd seen somewhere and had to go check IMDB. Of course, Hugh Laurie's profile is mostly children's stuff, Black Adder related stuff, some movies. Not this one though. I guess I watch too much House or something -- the character was sort of like that, but meaner and much more prone to just hurt people.

I don't normally write about dreams, but this was pretty good.


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