Aug. 17th, 2007 07:44 am
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I keep thinking about when we went to the big hole in the ground. Things were very simple then. There was school. There was vacation. There was a whole lot of driving for many long hours. And then there was this massive clawed out section of the earth. A giant emptiness going all the way down.

I keep looking at the flickr set of the trip and remembering all the details. How kt kept taking pics of all the plants. How I made her make her lunch in the car and she got mad at me. How scary it was being near the edge or climbing up the watchtower. The sunset. Walking around in the dark, trying to find somewhere to eat. Spaghetti Western. Coffee in the morning, watching the sun come up over the canyon. Yeah.

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Tomorrow is Lughnassa. Its also our fourth anniversary. And its also the one-year anniversary of moving to Boulder.

A year ago tomorrow I got out of my dad's car and walked up to my new tiny apartment. Pat gave me a bouquet of wheat and a feather. Its still hanging up. That was the only real celebration of our anniversary we had last year. Third. Oh, and I suppose we went out to dinner with my parents at Cafe Gondolier, but that was more for the shell-shock of moving than anything else I think.

Today is the first day that I haven't had to go to work in a while. I didn't work Wednesday either, but I'm not counting that -- I spent most of the day sick in bed. My hours will be much cut back starting this week, as we ramp up for school.

We move to the new apartment in two weeks exactly. School starts in three. The apartment does not look like we move so soon. It looks like it always does. Pat's in charge of this move -- because I've done the last three, with lots of help from both families.

I took Pat to work this morning for his eight a.m. shift. Then I drove around for a while. I really love driving early in the morning on sat's and sun's. There's barely any cars, little noise, I'm all alone. And the light makes these long shadows, different then any other time. But in Boulder 8am on a sunday isn't all that early, so I went home after a while.

Little snippets of life. I think about so many things, but they're all gone by the time I sit down to type. Should get a tape recorder and just talk out loud all the time.


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