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Best Overall Movie of the Day:
Return of the Living Dead: funny, meta, with smart, fast zombies that cannot be stopped

Worst/Most Boring:
The Quick and the Undead: Everyone in the room fell asleep during it

Movie That Really Wasn't What We Expected:
Zombies Anonymous: NOT A COMEDY, more of a heavy-handed parable about racism and drug abuse (although there were one or two funny parts, and out of all the low-budget ones, this was the best)

Cemetary Man: you'll have to see it to get how weird this was

Honorable Mention:
Boy Eats Girl: Cute little Irish Zombie movie.

Side Note:
Zombie movies seem to be only 30%ish percent about zombies. Mostly they're about people interacting with other people, often violently.
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Here's the final tally:

The Original List
Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
Diary of the Dead
Cemetary Man
Resident Evil
28 Days Later
Shaun of the Dead
Zombi 2 (Zombie)

The Things We Just Found at Blockbuster That Are Awesome:
Flight of the Living Dead
Boy Eats Girl
The Quick and the Undead (a personal favorite title)
Zombie Nation
ZA: Zombies Anonymous
Land of the Dead (actually at Raritan Video, not at Blockbuster, but cool regardless)


It is not humanly possible to watch all these movies tomorrow. Not at all. But we will struggle valiantly against *inhuman* odds. We'll probably just vote to decide what to watch. I will keep you posted.
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Halloween in July - July 4th - Be There

Where: My House, Highland Park
What: Zombies Zombies Zombies
When: From about 10am to 1am

Mark your calendars.

We'll be watching a days worth of Zombie movies to honor the Halloween spirit in the middle of the summer. The exact list of movies (painstakingly picked by myself and [ profile] ktkid) will be posted this week, along with approximate times.

(If you need directions to my house or any other info: applesticker at gmail dot com)
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In a little less than a month, I'll be hosting my Halloween-in-July (HiJ) movie extravaganza -- on July 4th. This year's theme is Zombie Movies. I'm going to run movies from around 8am to maybe 1am.

I'm looking for movie suggestions, particularly funny ones or ones that come at the genre from a different angle.

I'll be posting the full schedule with approximate times in about a week.
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I was going to post a poll about this, but since I don't have a paid account anymore, you'll all just have to leave comments.

I have a number of ideas for Halloween in July this year. For the past several years I've been trying to do themes rather than just renting whatever I wanted. Last year was Holiday Horror, two years ago was International HiJ, three years ago was Haunted Houses.

So I want to present to you all some ideas and see what you think. You can vote even if you don't plan on coming.

* Classic Movie Monsters - This would mean possibly showing original black and whites mixed with modern versions. By the classics I mean, Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein, etc.

* Remakes - I'd show remakes of modern horror movies, like the new Amittyville Horror, the new Dawn of the Dead, the new Halloween. This option was inspired by my recent viewing of original Psycho and new Psycho.

* Zombies! - Completely different than the others. I'd get together a collection of some of the best zombie movies. Something about zombies fascinates me.

* Other - Suggest your own theme.

So please comment with your opinion. Let me know what you think even if you won't be coming to the party.

(Quick Recap for those who don't know: Every year on the fourth of july I have a Halloween in July party. We eat junk food and watch horror movies all day long.)
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"I wonder if I'm still crazy...Go find a cheerleader and saw her legs off...okay that answers that."

For all 27 days of Halloween in July I'll be providing you, my cheerful audience, with tidbits and random slices of information.

Today is Jhonen Vasquez day. Jhonen Vasquez is the skilled artist behind Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, and Invader Zim.

You can read his wikipedia entry here.

You can see his lj here.

You can read an interview with him at suicide girls here.

Just a small tidbit today. More tomorrow.
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The Films
We'll be watching the following great cinema:

Memorial Day
All Soul's Day
April Fool's Day
Santa's Slay
Jack Frost
Uncle Sam
Nightmare Before Christmas *

[*I'm being blackmailed into showing this one.]

The Spread
We'll be eating the following great food:

Thanksgiving pie (well, ok, I'm making a berry pie from scratch, but its sorta like Thanksgiving)
Christmas cookies (but in halloween shapes)
Fourth of July Brownies (made from scratch, people, SCRATCH)
Jelly Beans
Candy Corn
Popcorn with a variety of popcorn salt
Fresh Lemonade with frozen blueberries

(If you were not officially invited and you'd like to come, drop me a line and we'll work something out.)
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July is almost upon us -- and you all know what that means!

Halloween in July!

This year the theme is "holidays." On the fourth, we'll be watching horror movies that are somehow related to this theme -- like BLACK CHRISTMAS and LEPRECHAUN (St. Patrick's Day, tee hee).

I'll be getting together an evite for the party soon.

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This year's Hallowen in July theme was thought up by the lovely [ profile] ktkid: International Halloween-In-July. For the kick-off party we'll be watching horror (and horror-related) movies from around the world. Any suggestions?

(I'm trying to think about it early this year -- even though I am constantly reminded that there are many other things I should be doing. *cough*Like the wedding*cough*


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